About us

Who are we?
The Estonian family business RNR SIM OÜ (Sim Sensitive Estonia and FORME beauty store) started in 2000 brings and sells professional hair care products and accessories. In the early years of the company, work began with the first brand, which is Sim Sensitive, and which is still our main sales force brand today.
Sim Sensitive is a Finnish brand that has been a pioneer in the landscape of the beauty world since 1994. The Sim Sensitive brand was based on the idea of ​​offering versatile and high-quality products to professionals in hair styling. From the point of view of the purity of the raw materials and aspects related to health, we started to produce completely unscented products at the beginning. Today, the Sim Sensitive brand has a strong position in the Estonian and world markets.
Over the years, we have added a number of different brands around the world to our portfolio, whose products we can always be sure of in terms of purity and quality. It is worth noting here the hair care product brand Inshape from Sweden, which was developed by hairdressers for hairdressers. Also Earthly Body (Marrakesh and Hemp Seed) products from America. A US company that produces 100% natural vegan cosmetics based on hemp seed oil.